ebner tec. elastomer tool systems. steyr-wolfern austria | Development
ebner tec bietet hochwertigste Technologien für viele Branchen: für den automotiven Einsatz, für Medizin, Luft- & Raumfahrt, Elektronik, Babycare, Haushalt & Sanitär uvm! kaltkanalsystem servodrive 4.0
ebner tec, spritzgusstechnik, frästechnik, werkzeugbau, turnkeyanlagen, kaltkanalsystem servodrive 4.0
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For the products of the future

You have the product idea, we make your product come to life. We find suitable materials, support the process of designing and optimizing the parts, run simulations, conduct feasibility studies, and design the proper tools for the products of the future.




With our expert knowledge
Years of experience and our specific know-how allow us to fashion functional solutions tailored to your needs. We bring together high valued materials, maximum knowledge and highly graded precision parts. Our goal is to provide you with your ideal product – and that starts already during development.