ebner tec. elastomer tool systems. steyr-wolfern austria | Medical Field
ebner tec bietet hochwertigste Technologien für viele Branchen: für den automotiven Einsatz, für Medizin, Luft- & Raumfahrt, Elektronik, Babycare, Haushalt & Sanitär uvm! kaltkanalsystem servodrive 4.0
ebner tec, spritzgusstechnik, frästechnik, werkzeugbau, turnkeyanlagen, kaltkanalsystem servodrive 4.0
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We keep up.
In the medical field, best material properties, medical compatibility and permanent elasticity are also required, as well as special processing techniques, highest cleanliness and cleanroom-suitable production facilities.


We are aware of these requirements for seals of all kinds, for dialysis devices, LSR lenses for the eyes, for parts of hearing aids and pacemakers….

ebner-tec medizin
ebner-tec medizin